santa claus

Meet Santa Claus
Visit Santa! It’s that time of year when kids can let Santa know what they want for Christmas!
Santa Claus will set up shop at the Walden Galleria now through December 24th.
Santa Claus arrives donning his red velvet suit and white beard, will open up his fireside living room to the pu…
Dear Santa!
This is the loving time of year!  Seeing things like this really makes me wish that we could be this kind to one another every day of every year.
Jolene Baller who works here at WYRK shared her letter to Santa (a.k.a Craig Matthews)
Dear Santa,
Horseback riding is one of the BEST things for kids with c…
Vader Replaces Santa
We've all been through it...that uncomfortable moment when you have to go in and sit on Santa's lap and tell him what you want for Christmas.  But what if this year he was different.  Maybe this year it's not Santa at all...maybe this year, you tell Darth Vader what you want…
Badass Santa
Leave it to comedian Will Ferrell to come up with what he thinks today's Santa Claus should be.  A younger less grandpa like Santa LOL.
He visited the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to show us
Santa Pillow Fight
If you think Santa preps for his big day by sitting around the mall letting kids hop on his lap telling him what they want, think again. It turns out he needs to blow off some steam just like the rest of us.
'Dear Santa' is Awful
Dillard’s may have the dumbest sign ever on display at one of their stores in Florida.
Dear Santa, This year please give me a big fat bank account and a slim body. Please don’t mix those two up like you did last year. Thanks.”
TOMORROW — Santa Goes Underground on the Metro
Santa will be taking a break from using his sleigh as it gets fixed and ready to go for next least for tomorrow (December 19). It's pretty cool that we will have him right in our backyard! He's going to be heading underground TOMORROW on the Metro to visit kids. Here's …

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