Christmas is coming but in New York, Santa might not be delivering the presents.

The holidays are here and people all over New York State are preparing for Christmas and the arrival of Santa Claus. AKA Jolly Old Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Père Noël, Papa Noel, and Sinterklaas for the Dutch. Kids are making a list and checking it twice, hoping they haven't been too naughty so they get gifts from the big man and his reindeer.

Or, at least, that's generally how things have been done by kids and their parents in New York for decades. It's a time-honored tradition. However, times seem to be changing.

New York Doesn't Believe in Santa Claus?

According to the Siena College Research Institute (SCRI), belief in Satna across New York State has dropped DRAMATICALLY. Only 26% of New Yorkers believe in Santa Claus. That's down from 39% last year and tied for the lowest amount since 2010. As reported by Sienna College:

A quarter of New Yorkers say that they believe in Santa Claus, down from 39% a year ago and tied for the all time low in this Siena survey with 2020, the pandemic year.

Also, 69% of New Yorkers prefer a fake Christmas Tree to a real one. Another sign of the times changing.

Why The Fall in Belief in Santa Claus?

That's one thing the poll does not explain. Perhaps it's the struggling economy making people a little grumpy. Maybe it's different family values and traditions beginning to take hold. Perhaps the Elf on The Shelf has taken the focus away from Santa. This is all pure speculation. Whatever it may be, it's caused a dramatic drop in belief.

Let's also not forget that not everyone celebrates Christmas due to different faiths and beliefs. Still, only 26% believe in Satna and that is a very low number.

Regardless, we hope you and yours have a happy holiday.

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