You may want to send a letter to Santa clause a little bit earlier this year. There is a shortage of supply for toys across the globe and Santa's Workshop may also be backed up a little bit.

It was reported earlier this week that much like other industries during this pandemic, there is a issue with the supply chain and also production. Because of COVID-19 and labor shortages across the globe, the process of moving toys in and out of the United States and around the country, has been backed up considerably.

The fear is that the toys that will be hot this season may be harder to find than they ordinarily would be as we get closer to the holiday season. Already we have seen a rush on some hot toys here in western New York. Wegman's has sold out of there a Little People Buffalo Bills set that was a huge demand as soon as it hit the store shelves.

The good news is, Fisher-Price and Wegman's have told us that they will be restocking the little people as quickly as they can. But much like the toys that are coming in from other areas, those may be delayed a little bit as well.

If I were you, I would try to have your kids put together a list for Santa Claus and maybe ship it to him as quickly as possible so he can start the order right away so it is filled in time for Christmas morning.

I ordered some car parts and some parts for a tractor in the beginning of the spring and they only recently arrived at our house! It is very frustrating but has become our "new normal" for when you order things during a global pandemic.

Every parent wants their kids to have the best Christmas ever and now is the time to plan ahead even though technically fall is just beginning.

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