You've seen them around town and every time you do, they make you feel like you're at home.  They could be people who are playing someone or something other than themselves or, in at least one case, just a monument that have caught the eyes of people across the nation. This is a list (in no particular order) of ten characters that just "bleed Buffalo."

1.  Conehead

You don't get Conehead in any other city than ours.  And if you buy your beer from him at a Sabres or Bisons game, you get the Conehead guarantee.  "If you get a warm beer from're drinking for free!"

2.  The Earl Of Bud

Speaking of cold beer distributors, you haven't had a beer at a Bison's game until you got one from The Earl Of Bud!  He's the guy that made "Tequila" cool.

3.  Sabretooth

This cat is cool.  One of the most energetic mascots in Buffalo, he's always there to cheer on our Buffalo Sabres.  He's the one that bangs the drum to start the "Lets Go Buffalo" chant at the Sabres games to get the crowd into it.

4.  Lance Diamond as "The Love Doctor"

Yes...I know.  Lance Diamond was a real person.  He actually was one of the most real people I've ever met in my life.  He was incredible.  But he also played the part of "The Love Doctor" on stage and on the radio.  Once you saw those sequined outfits, you knew you were about to be entertained.  Buffalo lost a good one with him.

5.  Buster Bison

Who hasn't wanted to run the bases with this guy?  The mascot of the Buffalo Bison even has his own posse with Belle the Ballpark Diva, Chip, Celery, Blue Cheese, and chicken wing.

6.  Elvis @ The Bills Games

There's a good chance if you've ever watched a Bills game either on TV or in person at Ralph Wilson Stadium, you've seen this guy.  He's Elvis at the Bills games with his signature guitar.  He's always got something different written on the back depending who we are playing that week.


7.  Billy Buffalo

How could we not mention the mascot of our beloved Bills.  His name is Billy Buffalo and he's been with us through the thick and the thin.  Here's to hoping for more thick than thin in the upcoming years!

8. Commander Tom

I grew up with Commander Tom.  I was little when he was popular but who doesn't remember Tom Jolls as Commander Tom? Along with his puppet friends (that according to Forgotten Buffalo, Jolls made himself), the show was on WKBW Channel 7 until 1991.

9.  Terry Buchwald As Elvis

When you're thinking Buffalo, you have to think of one of our greatest entertainers.  His show has expanded and begun to include other songs besides just Elvis.  Now you can hear everything from Elvis and Neil Diamond to country.  When it comes to Elvis, Vegas has nothing on Buffalo.

10.  Shark Girl

Is there more popular art in the city of Buffalo than Shark Girl.  She made the list because she's taken on a bit of a persona of her own.  What was started as a talking piece of art, has grown to a character with her own twitter handle (@sharkgirlBFLO).


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