If you are still working from home, are there things that you can honestly say you miss about going to work every day?

Before we go too far, I will acknowledge that there are people who have been going to the office (whatever that office looks like to them) every single day.  They haven't had the chance to miss these things.  They are what keep this country rolling.  They truly are essential workers that have kept us afloat and we will never be able to thank them enough for taking the risks that they have to continue working.  Thank you!

It is also a reality that there are still millions of Americans who are still working from home, whether it's by choice or not.  Believe it or not, in many cases it actually isn't always as luxurious to work from home as it may sound.  Yes, there are perks.  But there are challenges there too.

Things like having all the tools you need to do your job easily, having a quiet place to go to do your job, and having a start time and finish time are all things that you could easily miss.  A recent survey asked people what they missed about actually physically going into the office, and their answers might surprise you a bit.

Included on the list were:

1.  Seeing work friends and coworkers.  66% miss it.


2.  Face-to-face meetings, 49%.


3.  Office gossip, 38%.


4.  Going out to lunch, 31%.


5.  Sometimes leaving early, 26%.


6.  Putting on "real" clothes, 15%.


7.  Laughing at your boss's jokes, 13%.


8.  Office décor, 7%.


9.  The smell of the office, 5%.


10.  Setting an early alarm, 4%.


I agree with two things on that list.  I really miss seeing people at work and I miss going out to lunch.  While I didn't go out to lunch every day, there's one particular stand that I miss...

How about you?  Do you miss any of the things on this list?


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