The Buffalo News will print its last Friday newspaper ever in Buffalo, New York. On Saturday, the printing press in downtown Buffalo is shutting down for good.

Yes, it is true. The Buffalo News is officially moving to Ohio, but it is still going to be coming to your door (or grocery store near you). The Buffalo News had already moved out of the Buffalo News building in downtown Buffalo by the KeyBank Center. The editorial division relocated to Larkinville in October of last year.

The move will displace 160 employees.

Specifically, the printing operations are moving to Cleveland, Ohio. What does that mean for your paper delivery at home? Don't worry. The paper delivery will not be affected. At least, so they say...

The timelines for reporters to submit their stories will be earlier and deadlines are going to have to be tighter now that The News is going to have to make a 3 hour journey down the 90 every single morning.

How much does the Buffalo News cost in 2023?

The starting price for a digital subscription to the Buffalo News is $49 for a year.

The price for 7 day delivery (and you get digital access) is $8.50 per week.

If you want Sunday only for PRINT and DIGITAL ACCESS, it will cost you about 18 bucks a month for the first month.

Out of the top 100 newspapers in the entire United States of America, the Buffalo News ranks at number 54. According to, Buffalo News has 181,540 units in circulation. The only 3 newspapers in the country to have over 1 million physical units in circulation are The USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times, respectively.

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