Dale and Liz Cause Trouble
We weren't around for the surprise they had for us in the office yesterday so when we came across a popcorn machine in the kitchen we assumed it was ours – this is what happened.
10 Annoying Phrases
We all have them. The phrases that we use all the time that are annoying the heck out of our co-workers. Every now and then they're okay. But if you are that person that says them all the time, chances are, you're driving people crazy!
Have You Had One Of The Top 5 Jobs That People Regret?
If you love what you do, then it's not work. But, if you don't like your job, it may just be a pain right in the ol' rear to go every single day.
Would you add your job to the top of this list? Or have you had an old job that may be the perfect fit for the #1 spot on our list of '…

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