Refrigerators in the workplace really are a convenience.  It's nice to have someplace to keep your lunch cold.  But man do people put weird stuff in them!

You've finally decided you're going to stop buying lunch every day. Sure, it's quick and convenient but it costs way too much and most of the time it's not very good for you. You've resigned to pack your lunch every day and bring it along.  You'll plan them out and prep every Sunday before the week.

You put the effort in.  You buy healthy food.  You even get the fancy little containers that fit the right portion for you.  You bring it in to work and open the work fridge only to find that someone decided to use the fridge a few months ago and forgot all about it.

Some of the things you find in a work fridge are some of the strangest things ever.

Normally it's a case of people just forgetting that the food is in there.  Sometimes it's just that someone brought things like condiments or salad dressings that no one else uses that they've just left there. Other times, they assume that someone else WILL eat it but no one knows that it's up for grabs so (being good co-workers) they leave them alone.

I asked you to drop some pictures of the strangest things in your work fridge and they included all kinds of things like packets of mustard and ginger that comes with sushi.  I didn't think it was fair if I didn't share OUR fridge with you too, so I've added a few things that are in our fridge too.

The Strangest Things Found In Work Fridges In Western New York

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