There are few things to look forward to when you’re at work.  Sometimes, a little quiet time in the bathroom is just what you need to make it through the rest of your day…and now a company is threatening to make that time shorter…They plan to do it with a new type of toilet where the seat slants forward 13 degrees.  The idea is that if it's uncomfortable to sit there, people won't sit there longer than they have to.

Imagine if you had to do a wall sit while you did your business.  It would probably end a lot faster, right?  It mimics what you do during a squat thrust, so your legs get tired after about five minutes.

They claim that it is also a better angle for you to do your business quicker.  The Squatty Potty would offer the opposite to be true.

The question I have is, do people REALLY waste that much time in the bathroom throughout the day that they aren't getting their job done?  Is a new toilet design really all that necessary??

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