Aren't you glad the lake effect snow hit on Thursday instead of Friday? Now you have your whole weekend to partake in fun winter activities, and you don't have to worry about the two feet of snowfall.

Whether you want to hit the slopes, the ice rink, watch lacrosse, or go to a meat raffle, there is something for you this weekend in Western New York!

Check out the top 11 fun activities going on this weekend, January 7-9, 2022.

11 Fun Activities To Do In WNY This Weekend (Jan. 7-9)

Ready for the winter fun? There's plenty of fun events happening in Western New York this weekend -- you might even say snow much fun...get it?

Enough puns -- here are the top 11 events and activities in Western New York for this weekend!

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Buffalo is known for several things, snow, wings, Bills football, and for being a drinking town. So when we measure snow, we do it in the most Buffalo way, using beer cans.

24 Photos of the First Winter Storm of 2022

Where were you cooped up during the first snowstorm of 2022? Some people tried to brave the roads, but most people stayed at home.

Check out these 24 photos around Western New York during the first lake effect snowstorm of the new year, and feel free to add your picture to the list! Email with your photo and town.

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These are the 10 life hacks you absolutely need to know for snow and ice removal.

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