Isn’t it crazy that when you get nasty cut or break a bone you know what to do and exactly where to go…but when a family member starts to show signs of mental illness people often feel lost?

Whether it's you that is struggling or a family member, it's a scary thing to go through. What do I do if my brother starts acting a little different than normal?  Someone I love is acting like they might hurt themselves.  What can I do about it? Where do I go if I start to feel a little off myself?

It’s often said that “it’s hard to know where to turn.”  You might ask why?  Why aren’t there more places to go to be evaluated and to help treat mental illness?

There are.

We have tons of places with people who specialize in mental health.  But for some reason, it is still something that people try not to talk about.  And if they do, it’s something that is still said under their breath.  It’s a very real thing that millions of people around the world struggle with every day.  And to learn more about it, and then treat it, we need to feel like we can talk about it.

I’m going to take a shot in the dark that a lot of people probably won’t even click on this post because it mentions mental health.

So where can you go in Western New York if you feel like you need help?  There are plenty of organizations that can lead you in the right direction.  The first would be the National Alliance on Mental Illness in Buffalo. They are there to help families in need.  Give them a call at 716-226-6264 or click here for their website.

If you need even more places to go:

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