Do you consider yourself a happy person? I mean in general, most people are happy right? Now there is a saying that nobody can make you happy but yourself and I feel that is true. But it does help with one's happiness when you have a great family and friends. Money cannot buy happiness but man it makes being unhappy a little easier.

Conditions definitely can help make happiness happen as well. Where you live for instance. We are fortunate. We have four seasons that we look forward to, and there is always something to do no matter what the season or the weather. Each one definitely has its benefits. We also have a city with two major sports teams as well as a great AAA baseball team and pretty good collegiate teams (if you are into sports). It takes 20 minutes to get to most places. The food is a definite plus as well as.

Happiness is a state of mind and according to the website, HAPPY NATIONS NYS is the 9th happiest state in the country. Now some things they took into consideration were adults with serious mental illness, homicide rates, mean household income, life expectancy, and more. But what is unique to this being a Buffalonian's happiness. Take a look at the list, and yes food is a big factor. Hey, We live in Buffalo we love to eat, drink and be merry,

29 Things That Make Buffalonians Happy

What Makes Buffalonians Happy

Don't worry be happy was not just a catchy tune from 1988 it is also a pretty decent mantra to focus on. So no matter what you do in life always follow your instincts to be happy and healthy.


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