You already "snow" that there will be plenty of snowfall when you spend a winter in Buffalo, NY. However, this winter has been uncharacteristic of a typical Buffalo winter, as we probably should have seen a snowstorm before now.

Regardless, we are still known, whether we like it or not, as one of the cities that gets the most snow in the United States.

In case you forgot that, enjoy these 15 photos that accurately describe what the snow is like in Buffalo.

We Have Some Impressive Plow Trucks.

Which is great, because a fearless Buffalonian may try to drive through the crazy weather (props to them).

Sometimes, the snow becomes so overbearing that it may close the New York State Thruway.

When you are preparing for a snow storm in Buffalo, this picture says it all.

You'll hear the phrase, "The snow wouldn't be that bad if there was no wind," at least once when experiencing Buffalo's characteristic lake-effect snow.

The snow fall can layer up rather quickly, completing hiding cars that have been parked outside. Remember Snowvember?

You may THINK, oh I don't seeee any snow. But then...

  It will come out of seemingly nowhere, knocking trashcans well into the street. 

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