The Western New York Outdoor Sport and Travel Expo is this weekend and you can see a giant whitetail buck up close!

This past hunting season was one to remember for a few hunters around New York State. The weather was decent and there seemed to be more mature bucks on the move than in recent years. For the guys of the locally produced, Deer Tippin' TV, the 2023 hunting season was one of the best.

This GIANT 176" whitetail was taken right here in the Western New York area and is featured on the latest episode of Deer Tippin' TV.

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The hunting season seems to zip on by each year. Before you know it, we are ready for Christmas and sharing stories about the bucks we saw, or had on camera and never got to take. However, for one hunter in Western New York, the story has more than the standard "one that got away" ending. In fact, the story for Justin Wallschlaeger continues as the word is spreading about this incredible buck.

Massive Buck Taken In Collins, New York

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden/Deer Tippin' TV

For Justin and Jamie Wallschlaeger, hunting is more than brothers bonding and enjoying time in the woods, it is a passion turned part-time profession. These brothers spend a ton of time in the woods and share the success, and losses, in the woods on the show Deer Tippin' TV.

Look for this head mount and the Deer Tippin' TV booth at this weekend's Outdoor Sport and Travel Expo.

WNY Deer Hunting Paradise For Sale

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

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