15 million people are going to be impacted by heavy snow and blizzard conditions across the plains of the United States. NBC is reporting that a crazy amount of snow will fall and travel will be nearly impossible for some areas. Sound familiar? We know how to deal with snow here in the Empire State and you better get ready for more.

Winter will be here officially on Wednesday, December 21st. But Old Man Winter is already creeping in. While parts of the suburbs of Buffalo are still picking up the pieces and repairing things that were damaged by the last storm, a new lake effect and snow event is looming and at least one model is calling for as much as 188 inches!

We are a hearty group here in the Buffalo and Western New York area. When it snows, we do what we can to help our neighbors and even our favorite football team. When the snow let up, the Buffalo Bills had to get to the airport and multiple fans and neighbors stepped up to help dig the players out. It has now become a legend of sorts around the region.

There are some reminders ahead of the storm. Be ready for power outages and have fuel for the car/snowblower. Also, maybe the most important, keep the vents on your furnace clear.

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