This story hit close to home when I first read about it. According to WIVB, about 20 cars parked in the Mohawk Parking Ramp around 5:15 am, were vandalized. The vehicles had the windows smashed and in some, valuables stolen. First off, the ramp is right in walking distance of our studios, which right away made me concerned. Secondly, the Buffalo Police routinely are driving by, so how this happened without being noticed baffles me! Check out the story here. 

I had the choice to park there or at an open lot and thought it was a better,safer option to park there instead of the open lot. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of the Mohawk ramp, I had to choose the open parking lot and boy am I glad I did. The high cost to park at that ramp is another reason why I can't believe this happened and people got away with it so far. How can a company charge so much in parking fees and not have cameras in place!? I think all ramps and lots should be required to have cameras for the safety of patrons who park there, as well as for the company, to help prevent illegal activity and false actions against them. Seems like knowing a place is being watched and monitored 24-7 would deter vandals, preventing things like this from happening.

The Buffalo Police have some leads, but are asking anyone with information to call or text the Confidential TIPCALL Line at (716) 847-2255. Always remember if you see something, say something!

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