This time of the year, people call this the "fake Spring".

Snow is on the way! This week is going to be the warmest we have seen in 2023. We will see temperatures reach the high 70s this week, but by next week, snow is expected.

For example, Little Valley, New York may hit 76 degrees later on today, but also, news stations expected 4 inches of snow to hit Little Valley as well by early next week. Here are some snow totals from our friends at WIVB.

Dunkirk - 67 degrees today, 2 inches of snow on Monday

Buffalo - 70 degrees, 2.2 inches of snow on Monday

Jamestown - 80 degrees today. 3.2 inches of snow on Monday

Niagra Falls - 73 degrees today. 1.8 inches of snow on Monday

Batavia - 72 degrees today, 2.4 inches of snow on Monday

Angelica, 81 degrees today, 2.2 inches of snow on Monday

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