One of the greatest parts about living in Western New York is the history of the people who settled here and the variety of nationalities that we have. But what percentage of the people who live in the area still speak the language that their ancestors spoke when they arrived in the Buffalo area? I was doing some house hunting and stumbled on a site that has some pretty interesting stats about demographics in our region.

According to, there are 4 languages that are primarily spoken in two of the most popular towns/villages south of Buffalo. English is the obvious number one most spoken language. But I guess I didn't realize how strong the Polish and Italian heritage is in the two towns.

The 4 Most Spoken Languages In Hamburg/East Aurora

East Aurora and Hamburg are very similar in that they are very easy to get around and have some of the best locally owned businesses. Both villages have a great "small town" vibe even though they have a very busy Main Street. Traffic in both villages gets pretty busy during the afternoons. East Aurora and Hamburg are both great places to raise kids and have some pretty good schools as well.

The next time you go shopping or have dinner in East Aurora or Hamburg, listen for some of these other languages. It may be some of the older generations of people who still use them but according to the research, there is a blend of languages and heritage that is still strong in the Southtowns.

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