What in the world? There were over 500 pounds of cooked pasta that was randomly found in the woods. The pasta was cooked and there were all different types of pasta from spaghetti to spaghetti-ohs, penne, and more. The police have noted that it is illegal dumping in this town and they are looking for a suspect. But, HERE IS WHY they did it:

Apparently, it happened in a town right outside of New York, at Old Bridge, N.J.

At Old Bridge, they don't have bulk pick up for garbage, so people dumping seems to be a really big problem in the town according to officials. Maybe that is why someone dumped all of the pasta there.

Perhaps it went stale?

Maybe it was a catering company and they had a cancellation and could not figure out where to throw all the pasta?

Someone suggested that maybe it was contaminated.

The picture is actually really incredible. Take a look below at the discovery of all of this pasta.

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