The greatest story in pro sports the past few months might have happened in Toronto on Saturday night, on Hockey Night In Canada.

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The Carolina Hurricanes were playing the Toronto Maple Leafs in Toronto on Saturday night. Halfway through the game, the Hurricanes were already without goaltender James Reimer when backup Petr Mrazek was injured in a race for the puck.

That's when the Hurricanes were forced to put in emergency backup goalie David Ayers in the net...only Ayers wasn't an NHL goalie. He was an on-call goalie in-case the unthinkable happened, which it did. Ayers is a 42-year old Zamboni driver for the Leafs AHL team, the Marlies. He was the emergency backup goalie for either team.

He has never played professional hockey until last night.

Ayers allowed two goals early but then he shut the door on the team he works for as the Hurricanes went on to win the game 6-3. Ayers earned the win and was the oldest goalie ever to do so in his debut.

As you can expect, Ayers became the talk of the sports world, not just hockey, and was showered with praise from Hurricanes players, coaches and NHL fans from all over.

Proof that an average joe can become an NHL player!

You can watch the game highlights below.

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