Barstool Sports and Spittin' Chiclets have announced that they are going to be coming to Buffalo, New York!

Spittin' Chiclets, a brand that includes a very popular podcast under the Barstool Sports umbrella, is hosting its 4th annual roller/street hockey tournament. In a promo video that they posted on social media, they announced that 'it was right in front fo their eyes and there's no better place to go back to than Buffalo, New York.'

All of the hosts were in on the announcement video. The 3-day tournament will be held on the weekend of October 6, 2023. The event was a really fun time last year. It was a 3-day festival that brought amateur hockey players from around the United States to play in Buffalo at Riverworks.

Riverworks was announced as the host of the 2023 Chiclets Cup Tournament. Apparently, due to logistics and the amount of fun that they had last year, they are coming back to Western New York. The weekend of the tournament also happens to be on Canada's Thanksgiving, which will give Canadian fans a destination and time to play in the tournament as well.


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