If ever there was a time to be a fan of blue collar, traditional sounding country music, 2019 is it!

I try no to get caught up in the debate about what is and what isn't country music. It evolves and it always will.

However, as a guy on a country music radio station, I take plenty of calls, respond to emails and social media from those that complain about what today's country music sounds like.

I put together 45 seconds (5 song clips) of audio that can be an answer to the question "what has happened to "REAL" country music. As a guy who prides himself on being a friend to the blue collar crowd, and even wishes he was in the blue collar industry at times, I feel like I have a legitimate understanding of what "REAL" country music is.

If you don't think these songs from Luke Combs, Jon Pardi, Riley Green, Cody Johnson and Midland are country enough, you simply refuse to change your narrow minded view of the future of country music. As long as songs like these are being produced, I am here to assure you, our blue collar anthems are safe.

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