What are the best wedding reception entrance songs there are? Looking for good wedding entrance dances? Well, over the years, people have gotten more creative, but we have found you the best wedding entrances you need to consider if you need an idea.

Can you beat any of these?

This may not be the best reception entrance, but this happened at THE CHURCH! (Heck, they were not even at the reception yet and this already looks like a party.

Okay, here are the 5 best wedding reception entrances ever:

  • 1

    NBA Sports

    It was announced like we were attending a NBA basketball game and the groom even tossed powder into the air while the bride tossed gold glitter.

  • 2

    The Rush

    So, you want to do something fun and creative, but not exactly in front of everyone. We get it. This is one of the most creative entrances we've seen in a while.

  • 3

    The Bieber

    The bride and groom actually came out before the wedding party to sing Justin Bieber's 'Baby'. It's not great singing, but the duo certainly has everyone on their feet.

  • 4

    My Girl

    You've probably seen the whole choreographed dance on the way out, but have you seen the entire wedding party come out at the same time and do it?

  • 5

    The Harlem Shake

    You'll never expect the last 30 seconds to go down like this, so skip to that and watch the party go instantly nuts.

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