The Buffalo Bills have plenty of free agents that are about to hit the market. So who should they try to get locked down first?

The loss to Kansas City last night was tough to take.  It ended the season for the Bills and once again, it was at the hands of the Chiefs.

Now, the Bills have some major decisions to make.

The Bills are in a bad place with the salary cap

As of right now, the salary cap has not been set for the 2024 season.  It's projected to be around $240 million which would put the Bills over by around $43 million.

What do the Bills have to do?

There are a couple of things that Brandon Beane can do to get closer to the cap number where they have to be.  They can release and waive some players and they can restructure contracts that haven't already been restructured.  To see some of those situations, click here.

Sadly, that means losing some key players.  Some that have been here for years, others that were just pieces that were added this year to make that push.

"It's all part of the business"

We will hear the phrase "it's all part of the business" a lot these upcoming weeks.  It's a sad reality that you can't always keep all the players that you want to have.  If the Bills are free to let people go when they want, we should be happy for the players we love if they get offered a contract somewhere else to make more money.

Who should the Bills be sure to lock down and not let go?

There are some players that have made a huge impact on games this year that are NOT free agents.  Players like Rasul Douglas who was brought in late in the year is one of them.  He was incredible in the secondary but is also already under contract for another year.  So he obviously won't make this list.  This is just free agents:

5 Buffalo Bills Free Agents That They Should Not Let Go

Gallery Credit: Brett Alan

You'll probably notice that Gabriel Davis is not on this list.  I've never had a problem with him.  He made HUGE plays for the Bills.  The only reason I didn't add him here is I think what he will get paid somewhere else is nowhere near what we will be able to pay him here in Buffalo.  If they can find a way to keep him on a hometown discount, then awesome, but if not, then I wish him well wherever he goes.

Who are the rest of the Buffalo Bills' free agents in 2024?

The off-season between the 2023/24 and 2024/25 off-season is set to be a doozy as the Bills have several players that become free agents this year and some serious decisions to make.

Gallery Credit: Ed Nice

These free agents never got re-signed to the Bills

Gallery Credit: Brett Alan

Best Free Agents Signed By The Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills are gearing up for a run at the Super Bowl next season and some big-time free agents are already reaching out to the Bills looking to join the team. Check out some of the best free agents the Bills have signed in the past.

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