By no means is Buffalo, NY on a shortage of places to go out to eat, but these joints are surely a shame that they are not still around. Let me tell you if I ever find the person that took Swiss Chalet out of Buffalo, I will have some words (lol, kidding).

God, I miss that chicken and sauce!

What are some of your favorites that you miss here in WNY?


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    Swiss Chalet

    Whoever made this decision for Swiss Chalet to leave America needs to leave Swiss Chalet. Especially all of our Buffalo locations.

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    Earl's Diner

    God I miss that place--and Earl--what a guy.

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    EB Greens

    The major Steakhouse in the Hyatt. RIP.

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    I can feel the buzz from those drinks on the patio as I speak.

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    My go-to St. Patrick's Day spot. RIP

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    Krispy Cream

    How the heck did I miss this the first time around!

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    Park Lane Restaurant

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    Steak N' Ale