Technology is an amazing thing, and as the saying goes, "necessity is the mother of invention."

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Here's five new gadgets we found that fit our "new normal" needs of carrying on with life during the coronavirus pandemic.

This pop-up tent from MOGICS began as a Kickstarter invention. It allows you to connect a pop-up shelter to the back of your vehicle, making for the greatest tailgate and drive-in solution of all time. It'll keep out the weather, bugs, and other people as you maintain 6-feet of distance this summer. Buy here for $299.

Credit: Amazon/Kooty Key

When you go back into the world there's a lot of things that you might need to touch -- like door handles, garbage cans, and elevator companies. There are many varieties of these types of devices on the market now, but we just like the name of this one -- Kooty Key. It's a hook with a few types of notches to assist with things like pushing buttons or opening doors. You can attach it to your keys, or clip to your waistband. Buy it here for $12.99.

Credit: Amazon/HoMedics

Your phone is with you all of the time -- as a result, it picks up lots of germs. But many of us are unsure how to best clean it, and rightfully wary of using liquid cleansers. HoMedics has a solution that will disinfect your phone without using any liquids in 60 seconds. You can pick it up on Amazon for $79.99.

The Immutouch smartband has to be one of the most innovative pandemic inventions we've seen. One thing we know for sure about how any virus spreads, is through touching our faces. And, we touch our faces without even thinking about it. That's where the smartband comes in. The Immutouch vibrates every time you go to touch your face -- not only preventing mindless eye scratching with unwashed hands, but also building habits around not touching your face so much. Buy it here for $49.99.

Credit: Amazon/Go Girl

Research says bathrooms are especially terrible places when it comes to trying to avoid getting a virus, and many bathroom facilities are closed. So what's a girl to do? There's an invention for that. Popular with campers, the Go Girl may find its way from your gear pack to your purse in the age of coronavirus road trips. Buy it on Amazon for $10.


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