People often associate Buffalo with wings...but let's be honest, there is much more to our food than that.  Here are 5 other things you'll find here in WNY...and they're all sandwiches.

A lot of us really take for granted all the incredible food in Western New York.  It's just not like this anywhere else.  I mean, think about it, you can get a Philly Cheese Steak in other places other than Philadelphia.  Sure, it won't be the same as the real thing from a place in Philadelphia, but you can get it other places.

Have you ever gone out of town and had a craving for a chicken finger sub,?  You know that you really can't find them outside of our area.  And a beef on weck?  Good luck!  And don't even try to explain to someone what it is...they won't have a kummelweck roll anyway.

I asked the question on Facebook trying to find out if there were any that I had missed and one surprised me.  Is a Royal Sub really a Western New York thing? I had no idea.

I'm not sure if it's because I've been here in Western New York for so long, or if it's that I don't really travel to many places outside of here that often but a lot of these were a little eye-opening for me.

Some of them I've never even tried myself.  A Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip Sub?  You can sign me up for one or two of those for sure.

Now, if by chance you do happen to see one of these outside of their normal habitat, let me know so we can all go there and give it the Buffalo taste test.

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