Today is 716 Day and we are celebrating all things Buffalo today. The "Queen City" has been around for a long time being founded back in 1789, then grew to a village in 1801, and then it became a city in 1832.

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With so much history you know it was only a matter of time before Buffalo would start to be named dropped in music.

Check out these 5 songs that mention Buffalo by name in their lyrics.

The cast of 42nd Street - "Shuffle Off To Buffalo"

Buffalo and Niagara Falls were known by many across the country as being the Honey Moon Captial of the world. So much so, that Buffalo gets a major shout-out in the musical "42nd Street"

Big and Rich - "Comin' To Your City"

Most musical artists learned if you say the name of the city in a song when you stop there on tour the fans go crazy! Big and Rich give Buffalo's "Drinking District" a shoutout when a reference to Chippewa Street.

Johnny Cash - "I Have Been Everywhere Man"

Ok, this one might be a cheat song since "The Man In Black" names a ton of different cities, but he still gives the Queen City a shout out!

John Forgery - "Rock and Roll Girls"

John gives Buffalo a special nod with a quote from the song "Shuffle Off To Buffalo" in this song. Plus he knows it is great to chill by Lake Erie!

The Grateful Dead - "Truckin'"

Here is another song that lists different cities that the band has played in. Once again Buffalo get a shout-out.


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