These are awesome! There's so much to do in Buffalo that sometimes we even need to make a Buffalo Bucket List. We bet you haven't done all of these.

  • 1

    Lake Erie Flyboard

    This is one of the coolest experiences that you can have! The Lake Erie Flyboard will shoot you up in the air with water from underneath you!

  • 2

    Water Bikes

  • 3

    Water Ferries

    The Queen City Water Ferry provides regular service to the Inner and Outer Harbors, seven days a week. Also, the Queen City Bike Ferry takes bicyclists, walkers and dogs from the Outer Harbor to Canalside.

  • 4

    Buffalo River History Tours

    River History Tours offer boat tours along the Buffalo River and even will do tours of Buffalo’s Grain Elevators!

  • 5

    Wine in the Wind!

    It's an awesome experience on a Wednesday evening. Take a ride on the Spirit Of Buffalo and sample wines from all over the region. Only $42 a person!

  • 6

    Water Pedal Tours

    You know the pedal tours you see everyone riding around town with now? Well, take them to the water this Summer! You and 12-14 of your friends can go on the pedal boat and drink while on the water. It costs about $35 per person.

  • 7

    Tiki Boat Tour

    Super cool experience to do this that just started up last year! You can have some beers while you float out in the water listening to Jimmy Buffett. It's really a different experience you and your friends can go on! Here's the website to book it!

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