It was an exciting weekend.  The Buffalo Bills returned to the playoffs for the first time in 17 years.  But now that it’s over, what’s next?

Do the Bills move on from quarterback Tyrod Taylor?  Do they look to free agency to replace him?  Do they keep him and build through the draft?  Will Kyle Williams be back to anchor the defensive line or will one of Buffalo’s favorites finally retire?  If he doesn’t, is that a bigger need?

There are a lot of questions with this team.

Here’s what I would like to see happen:

  1. Draft a quarterback and keep Tyrod Taylor

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I’m sure I just lost a lot of people’s attention, but hear me out.  What are the options at quarterback?

Truthfully at this point we don’t really know who will hit the market.  We know who might become available.  But there is also a chance that others will be cut and hit the market.  Minnesota’s Case Keenum?  Kansas City’s Alex Smith?  Washington’s Kirk  Cousins?

My argument isn’t that Tyrod is the best thing we’ve ever seen, but that there isn’t a better option right now.  While I am a fan of his (I enjoy watching him play…he’s exciting and he takes more criticism than he should) I agree that he probably isn’t going to take us to the Superbowl next year.  But who is?  There isn’t another team out there that has a quarterback that I would rather have.

We are going to have to draft someone anyway.  Why not keep Tyrod for the transition period while we grow?


  1. Get another receiving threat

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Buffalo was the only team in the league that didn’t have a play of 50 yards or more this year.

Kelvin Benjamin was a big pick up for the Bills.  I mean that literally.  He is a big human being.  I’ve been waiting for the Bills to get a receiver like him.  But it’s been awhile since we’ve had a few receivers on the field that had to be accounted for.  We have our TE Charles Clay, but who else?  Deonte Thompson became a threat down the field late in the season and Zay Jones is coming along, but it’s safe to say that he performed below many people’s expectations this year.

There were plenty of plays in Sunday’s playoff game where receivers were put in a position to succeed and balls were dropped.  That’s not on Tyrod.  When he puts the ball in their hands, they have to catch them.  We need a receiving corps that we can count on.


  1. Get a backup to LeSean McCoy

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While many people would prefer to see Shady take every carry, it’s just not a possibility.  So who do we turn to when McCoy is out?  Mike Tolbert.

Again, he had a few plays this year that raised eyebrows and made people say, “oh wow, did you see THAT??”  But they weren’t consistent.


  1. Shore up the offensive line

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Teams can do amazing things when their offensive line gels the way it should.  I feel like the combination of Wood and Incognito have great chemistry and Dion Dawkins has exceeded expectations.  But, the right side seems to need some consistent positive play.



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It was so exciting to watch the Bills under Jim Schwartz a few years ago.  It felt like there was a chance at a sack every single time.  This year, those were few and far between.  There seemed to be very little pressure on quarterbacks which allows teams like the New England Patriots with Tom Brady enough time to make big plays.

Luckily our secondary was phenomenal this year.  Many of the sacks we saw were coverage sacks where the quarterback just didn’t have anywhere to go with it.  So they either took off running (Bortles) or took a sack.


Of course this list is just my humble opinion.  I was thrilled with how the Bills progressed this year.  My big fear is a step backwards.  I can’t take another 17 year drought.