There are all kinds of people out on the roads.  When the weather gets tricky, they all seem to fall into certain categories.  Here are the 5 types of drivers you will normally find on the roads this winter:

  1. Mr. Overconfident – This is the guy that drives the S.U.V., and thinks it can stop on a dime just because it has 4 wheel drive. It can’t.  Normally, you’ll find this person in the ditch.
  2. Mr. Defroster Dependent – You’ve seen this guy…the one that refuses to scrape his window because he can just use the defroster to clear it off. Either that, or he’ll just scrape enough to be able to see what he “needs to see.”  So yeah, he just can’t see.  Normally, you’ll find this person smashed into the back of another car.
  3. Mr. 5 Miles An Hour – "Slow and steady wins the race" is this guy’s mantra. But he takes it to the extreme.  He goes slow…very slow…even when he doesn’t need to.  Normally, you’ll find this person right in front of you…especially when you’re late.
  4. Mr. Everyone ELSE Is The Idiot – This is the guy that thinks that everyone else on the road are the bad drivers. Yet he neglects to turn on turn signals, yield to the right of way, or make complete stops.  Normally, you’ll see this guy speeding through stop lights then blaming other people when they enter the intersection.
  5. Mr. Been There-Done That – This is the guy who has lived in Buffalo his whole life and actually knows what he’s doing. He’s driving at a reasonable speed and leaving plenty of space between himself and the vehicle in front of him.  He doesn’t panic when winter weather comes.  Normally, you’ll find this person arriving at their destination safely.

What type of driver are you?  What type of driver did I miss?

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