Most people try to get the closest parking spot as possible to a store or business. Maybe the weather in New York State has something to do with the ideal location for you to park the car or truck. For our family, I drop my wife off at the door and then park wherever I can and then pick her up after she is done. It is the most convenient way for us to shop with little kids under 7 years old.

This past weekend, it seemed like all of Western New York was out and about and they found their way to the grocery stores. It was packed at Walmart, Wegman's, Tops and every other store you tried to go to. We tried to buy hot dog buns and they were all but sold out at most stores! Most people had the same idea; take advantage of the good weather while you can.

While waiting for my wife to finish shopping this past weekend, I couldn't help but notice a sigh hanging in the parking lot. I have parked at a store thousands of times and never really looked at the words on the signs that are hanging in the lot or on the poles around the store. Turns out, there are some rules that are in place that many of us didn't know were a thing.

6 Grocery Store Laws In New York State

When we go to a store with our three kids, there are some things that are routine. We need an extra cart for either a kid to ride in or for extra grocery items. We need to park in a place where we are not too close to other vehicles and we need to go when it is not a peak time for shoppers. I was a proud dad this past weekend as I was able to keep all three kids under control as we shopped in a Walmart Supercenter.

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