Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away and we're gearing up for what should be a great holiday season here in Western New York; especially after last year's holiday season didn't feel the same.

You may have already started your Christmas shopping (I'm still behind on that), and if you're looking for ideas for what to get that special someone in your family this year, we have some ideas.

Gift ideas are a bit different here in Western New York. Sure, we love giving people the latest iPhone, laptop, Reebok sneaker, and so forth; but there are holiday gift ideas that are just for Buffalonians.

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You can probably already guess what they include. You have to have sports in there. The Bills and Sabres are part of this community and I don't think I have ever gone a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day without seeing something Bills and Sabres related under the tree.

You also have to deal with the cold weather, and yes, we love our food too. I'm definitely getting all of these gift ideas.

Here are seven Christmas gifts that are perfect for Buffalonians this holiday season!

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