The Buffalo Sabres are on a hot streak to start their season and that is in part due to Buffalo's Jeff Skinner.

Skinner scored an ESPN Top 10 highlight this past week when he put the puck up where Sabre's play by play man Rick Jeanneret calls "Top shelf, where momma hides the cookies!". 


It was an amazing goal, but the best part was the song that played after the Buffalo forward scored the goal. Blasting throughout the arena was Miley Cyrus's "Party In The USA". Yep, instead of the traditional "Let Me Clear My Throat", this season Buffalo Sabre players are allowed to pick their own goal song. After the game, Skinner flashed his dimples and shyly smiled that he like that song and it help get the guys on the bench going.  

With high hopes that Jeff Skinner will score A LOT more goals for the red-hot Buffalo Sabres this season, here are 7 Excellent Songs Buffalo's Jeff Skinner Needs To Have.


  • 1

    How Do You Like Me Know - Toby Keith

    A lot of Sabres fans wrote of Jeff Skinner last season when he didn't perform as they hope. Now that he is back, this is a perfect song.

  • 2

    Friends In Low Places - Garth Brooks

    Sure the Sabres are on top now, but they were last in the league last season. Definitely a "Low Place"

  • 3

    "Thank You Jeff" - Melody Martin

    Why not play the song that one Sabre diehard wrote and sang just for him.

  • 4

    "This One Is For The Girls" Martina McBride

    If "Party in the USA" was for the boys on the bench, why not a song for the girls in the crowd.

  • 5

    "One Number Away" - Luke Combs

    This song went to #1 and there is where fans hope Skinner will take the Sabres.

  • 6

    "Coming to your City" - Big and Rich

    This song mentions Chippewa Street, which we are sure Jeff has spent some time on while in Buffalo.

  • 7

    The Champion - Carrie Underwood

    That is exactly what Jeff wants to be with the Buffalo Sabres, plus Carrie Underwood is married to a former NHLer.

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