Christmas is just days away.  As guys, we are starting to struggle a little.  What do we get our wives this year?  We want her to feel loved...but these gifts...aren't gonna do it.

Ok ladies.  Let me just say first, that we have the best of intentions.  We really don't mean to buy terrible gifts.  It's just that you're not always the easiest to buy for.  I mean, you can only do jewelry and flowers just so many times before you start to look like you're not trying anymore.

And guys...there are a couple of exceptions here for this list.  If she asks for any of these things, then they're ok to get.  But if they aren't, you steer clear.  And that doesn't mean she said, "we need to get a _____"  That just means you need to get it.  It's not a gift.  But if she says, "I really want that____" then it's on her.

So here we go...

7 Things You Should Never Buy Your Wife For Christmas

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