How many COVID tests have you gotten? It seems like there are so many of us where if we even have the slightest sniffle or even the weakest sore throat, we go get COVID tested. Now, you can test even more right from your house, for FREE.

The Biden administration has announced that you are eligible to get 8 FREE COVID-19 at-home test kits every single month if you are privately insured. How are all of these at-home COVID-19 tests free? The law now has made it mandatory for all private insurance companies to reimburse all of their members and their dependencies up to 8 COVID at-home tests. This will begin this coming Saturday, January 15, 2022.

People will be able to get the tests at their health plan’s “preferred” pharmacies and other retailers with no out-of-pocket costs, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. They can also buy the tests elsewhere and file claims for reimbursement, just as they often do for medical care", according to the New York times.

In addition, Erie County has been giving out free COVID-19 tests all this week. They will be at4-home tests and each location will be given a LOT of these tests. Yesterday, Cheektowaga gave out nearly 2,000 of those tests at Cheektowaga Town Park. You must live in the town that is distributing the tests. Some locations are also giving out free KN95 masks as well. Not all towns will be giving out the masks, though. You can see when there will be distributions in your area right here.

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