Tom Brady for his 6th Super Bowl victory and 5th Superbowl MVP. No single player has gone to the Super Bowl more than this guy. Here's all of the interesting facts you want to know before the game.

Part of the halftime show, America The Beautiful' performers and the National Anthem singers ALL hail from Atlanta, where the Super Bowl will be held. It will be the first time in the new stadium that the Super Bowl will be held there.When is Tim McGraw playing the Super Bowl preshow? Who's singing America The Beautiful? Who is singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl? How much does each player get in the Super Bowl? We have the answers for you!

Patriots vs Ram

Kickoff 6:30 PM

Channel 4

  1. This is a rematch of Patriots vs. Rams in the Super Bowl. 17 years ago TO THE DAY, Tom Brady beat the Rams for his first Super Bowl victory.
  2. Bud Light will give FREE beer to whichever city wins during their Super Bowl victory parade. Last year, they gave Philly 38,000 cans of beer.
  3. Gladys Knight will sing the National Anthem. Tim McGraw will play the pre-show at 4:30 PM on channel 4.
  4. The cost of a commercial this year is a record charging $5.25 million for just a 30-second spot. That's $175,000 per second.
  5. The average ticket cost to go to the Super bowl is $3,650, which is actually down from last year.
  6. Maroon 5 will bring out Big Boi and Travis Scott during their 13 minute performance. (Strange rumors that the Sponge Bob Squarepants theme song will be hidden in one of the tracks).
  7. Singing 'America The Beautiful' will be sister R&B duo Chloe X Halle will perform “America the Beautiful” before the 2019 Super Bowl.
  8. Each winning player will get $107,000 each while losing team squad members get $53,000 each, according to Total Sport Trek.
  9. The first baby born in the United States after kickoff wins free pizza for LIFE from Pizza Hut and

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