Next time you fly Southwest, check to see if Justin is one of your flight attendants.

I realize there are plenty of Justin’s in the world, but this one is quite unique, and I got to ride with him as my flight attendant from Chicago Midway to Buffalo Niagara airport.

Justin is from South Buffalo, and he bleeds blue and red (Go Bills!). He knows all of the best restaurants in WNY, loves going home to the City of Good Neighbors, and perhaps more importantly, he LOVES when the Bills stomp the Patriots at Gillette field.

These are the 9 signs to watch out for to determine whether or not your flight attendant is a Buffalonian.

#1. Your flight attendant may change the interior lights of the plane to properly celebrate a Buffalo Bills win.


We love the Blue and Red! 

#2. Your flight attendant will tease a fellow Patriots fan on board the aircraft. 

You love to see it.

#3. Your flight attendant will let you know they’re from Buffalo.

#4. They’ll start naming all the Western New York towns, villages, hamlets, etc.

#5. And they don’t forget about our Canadian friends across the pond.

I’m impressed he started naming all the Canadian snack favorites, too!

#6. They will take pride in the fact that Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors. 

#7. Your flight attendant will know how late the bars are open in WNY.

#8. They know the best places to go, too!


#9. And finally, you’ll know you are flying with a Buffalonian if they start the Bills Shout song in the aircraft. 

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