Driving home on a cold, snowy night I was sampling various radio stations and happened to come across WSM-AM 650's live broadcast of the Grand Ole Opry from Nashville and you never know who might be appearing on any particular night on the Opry.  Among the stars on this broadcast was Joe Diffie who'll be appearing in Buffalo during the 20th edition of WYRK's Taste of Country on June 14th.

But this was a special night for Joe Diffie at the Grand Ole Opry.  Joe was presented an award acknowledging his 25th anniversary as a member of the Grand Ole Opry and he sounds just as good as ever.

Among the songs he sang Friday night on the Opry stage were "Third Rock from the Sun" and "Pick Up Man", two of his five Number-One hits during his career.  His other Number-One's were "If the Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets), "Home" and "Bigger Than the Beatles".

In all, Joe Diffie has recorded 13 studio albums and has had 38 chart singles.  Some of the other hits you probably know are:

  • "Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox (If I Die)"
  • "John Deere Green"
  • "Honky Tonk Attitude"
  • "So Help Me Girl"
  • "New Way (To Light Up An Old Flame)"
  • "Ships That Don't Come In"
  • "Is It Cold In Here"
  • "Texas Size Heartache"
  • "If You Want Me To"

And those are just his Top-5 chart singles.  My only hope is that we're able to hear at least half of all the great songs he's had over his long career on June 14th.

But of all of his songs the one I hope I hear him play that night is one of the most emotional and meaningful songs I think he ever recorded, "Ships That Don't Come In"








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