It's spring! Let the trout season begin. Where are the best places to fish for trout in Western New York? I spoke with the New York Sate Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) about the trout stocking program in our area.

Trout fishing is one of my favorite outdoor sports. It was always a tradition for my friends and I to plan out opening day and hit the streams early. Although I am tied up with work on most of the opening days, I still try to get out and hit the streams when I can. One of my favorite memories is getting a parking ticket in Franklinville when I parked my truck on a bridge. I was in such a rush and so excited to hit the streams that I didn't even realize I had parked my truck illegally.

The officer was as nice as he could be and I tried to state my case as best I could to no avail. I can't recall how many fish we caught that morning. But I sure know not to park on a bridge!

Where are the best places to fish? For me, it's southern Erie County and Cattaraugus County. However, as you can tell by the information I was given, there is no lack of great holes to fish in Western New York!

Click below for a list of dates / locations of NYSDEC trout stocking in Western New York


2018 NYS DEC Trout Stocking List

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The DEC has a great description of bait options for trout fishing. Among the list are the following:

Good artificial lures to try are small spinners, spoons, jigs, stickbaits, and plastics (like 1-2" tube jigs and twister tails). If using spinners and spoons, a small ball bearing snap swivel will help avoid line twist.

Natural baits that work for trout are worms, fish eggs, grasshoppers, salted or live minnows, corn, maggots and small marshmallows. Check current fishing regulations as some areas restrict the use of natural or live bait.






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