As folks know, my wife and I love our fur-babies. We have been blessed with many wonderful cats, dogs and horses over the years. Now, with that said, for as much as we adore our "kids", we don't post our that it's our kitty's 2nd birthday on Facebook or Twitter. However, the fact that our Quarter Horse, Jake, turns 30 this Sunday is reason to celebrate.

That's right, 30!  The average lifespan of an equine is mid to late 20's, though some have been known to live to 35+ in rare cases (Ponies, by the way do live in to the 40's). We got Jake, registered name "Jay Kay Shadow", when he was 14 and he has served us well as a trail horse and in my position with the Erie County Sheriff's Mounted Unit. In fact, I still use him for some of my "easier" patrol details, rotating work with our other 2 horses. Jake was born in Kansas on January 20th, 1983. We know since we have his registration papers. He has help guard 2 U.S. Presidents (Clinton and Bush) during visits here to Buffalo and has participated with my wife, Maribeth, in the Susan G. Komen and Roswell Park breast cancer walks. I believe his "job", along with good feed and hay, exercise and excellent veterinarian and farrier care has led to his good, long life. Of course, let us not forget most importantly, the unconditional love and respect we have for him...and him for us. A creature with this much heart will get a few "extra" treats on his special day. A big shiny apple, a little more hay and yes, a cake...carrot cake of course! Happy Birthday Jake!

Maribeth and Jake