The rankings of the best hot dogs in America have 4 popular New York State hot dogs, and 1 that is TECHINCAL.

Business Insider posted the best 40 hot dogs stands in all of America and New York State clocked in 5 of them. But, would you agree, the last one deserves to be in there?

The best Hot Dog Stands in all of New York State:

1.) Shake Shack - New York City

5.) Jake's Handcrafted/Der Kommissar - Brooklyn

7.) Crif Dogs - New York City

9.) Dogtown - Rochester

37.) Ted's Hot Dogs - Tempe Arizona

Now, we had to include Ted's on the list because, even though that it says Ted's is located from Tempe, Arizona, it is a Buffalo, New York Staple--so, how do you give credit to Arizona for having one one of best hot dog stands in America.

Who else would you put on this list from New York State? No Mississippi Mudds? No Louie's Texas Hots?

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