High School sports used to be something that was meant to just be fun.  But now, they could be a gateway to further education and a Niagara County mom is now suing after they've been cancelled.

Remember when high school sports used to be something you would do to keep yourself out of trouble.  It was just a fun way to pass the time with friends.

While it's still like that for some kids, others look at it as their path to college.  They're hoping for scholarships and grants so that they can make a better life for themselves.  In many cases, their high school years serve as a payoff for all the years of club sports and little league - travel teams and clinics that their parents had paid for in the hopes that their talent would get them a free ride to a better college than they would have never been able to pay for out of pocket.

This year, that hope came to an end with the cancellation of high school sports to stop the spread of COVID-19 amongst students.

While some sports have been given the green light to go ahead, others that have been deemed "high risk" were cancelled or put on hold until a later date when it might be safer for them to participate.

According to WIVB, one Niagara County mom is suing Governor Cuomo and a handful of other sports authorities over the fact that high school football has been cancelled.  Her name is Loraine Humphrey and in her suit she asks, "How can New Yorkers be NY tough if 36 other states are playing high school football and New York high school students are relegated to flag football?”

In many cases, this is the chance for some of these kids to get scholarships.  Without a senior year, many of them will miss out on them.

It looks as though her argument is that some sports are being allowed to proceed with their schedules when others are not.  Sports like soccer and field hockey were deemed to be ok, yet football was left off.  Some college teams and professionals are allowed to play, but high school students cannot.  She says, "either there's a public health emergency or there’s not. It cannot be both."  And essentially if there is not, then the state needs to let the kids play.

What do you think?  Should the kids be allowed to play?

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