Gym Owners File Lawsuit Against New York State
Are you trying to get back to the gym? Have you thought "okay, maybe it is time we can go back if we have proper precautions and social distancing?" You're not alone. I'm not the best with disciplining myself about working out at home. We have the greatest excuse to not g…
Cheap Shot
A coffee shop in Canada took kind of a cheap shot at, most likely, Americans on the side of their cups.
Does Verizon Owe You Money?
If you pay for Verizon service on a land line phone or have in the past, you may be entitled to some money!  The telephone behemoth has settled a class-action lawsuit over "cramming."  "Cramming" is where outside companies are able to charge the consumer…
Garth Brooks Awarded $1 Million Today In Hospital Case
Garth Brooks was just awarded 1 million dollars in damages today in a lawsuit against a hospital in his hometown of Yukon, Oklahoma. Garth had brought a breach of contract lawsuit against Canadian Valley Regional Hospital in Yukon because he had donated $500,000 to the hospital with the agreement th…
NFL Ups Their Offer To Displaced Superbowl Fans is reporting that the NFL has now upped it's offer to the 400 displaced Superbowl fans who had tickets but no actual seats. Obviously the fans recent lawsuit against the NFL is making the league rethink how they are going to fix this problem.

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