A local Buffalo attorney is has filed a lawsuit against the city of Buffalo and is seeking what some have said seems like an extreme resolution.

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According to reporting from WKBW-TV, Kevin Stocker is an attorney who is representing more than 50 people who have all received tickets from the city of Buffalo school zone camera program in the lawsuit against the city.

The resolution Mr. Stocker is seeking is a full refund of all the fines that were paid. Not just a refund for fines that had been paid by his client, but every fine that was paid by every person since the program came into effect.

According to Stocker, his argument is simple, the rules that were used to determine who received a ticket were illegal and because of that, the tickets should be deemed invalid and the money paid by everyone should be returned. Given the fact that the speed limits have been changed and that the program is now defunct are key indicators that the program was flawed from the beginning, which then leads back to his original premise.

Of course, attorneys for the City of Buffalo and New York State don't agree with Mr. Stocker's position and have filed paperwork with the court to try and have the lawsuits dismissed.

I personally would love to see this program go away fully and have the money that I've paid to the city refunded. There is a speed camera just a couple of blocks from my house and the cameras have gotten me a few times.

We're going to have to wait and see what happens with this program while this lawsuit makes its way through the court system.

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