Are you trying to get back to the gym? Have you thought "okay, maybe it is time we can go back if we have proper precautions and social distancing?" You're not alone. I'm not the best with disciplining myself about working out at home. We have the greatest excuse to not go to the gym--it's because we CAN'T.

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But, it's maybe it's time. At least the gym owners think so and at the very least, they are hurting from a business stand point now going 4 months without having anyone coming in and paying their monthly dues.

Many are left with so many questions like WHY can't they open or left with no information at all--the fact that there is NO plan is even worse. New York State gym owners from all across the state have filed a civil lawsuit to demand that they are able to open up and being operations.

"We’re not even given any answers. We have no layout. We just have: ‘You are not in Phase 4. We’ll talk to you guys when we’re good and ready,'" he said.

Mermigis Law Group Attorney James Mermigis, who is representing the case, pointed out that his clients were not saying that the government should not respond to the pandemic. The man that is heading up the civil law suit is Mermigis Law Group Attorney James Mermigis and has noted that they are not getting answers from Governor Cuomo and they want answers. After all there are only 4 phases that were planned....and we are on stage 4. Mermigis stated the other day:

We are just asking for equal treatment here. The right to be treated equally is just as important as any other right that's protected by the Constitution.Why are malls, gyms, and movie theaters now being treated differently than tattoo parlors, than Walmart, than Target, than tanning salons? All these other businesses could open, but we can't", according to FOX.

There has since been no formal response by New York.

In the meantime, we'll have to continue working out from home. What workouts have you been doing? Here are some of the easy ones we've been doing in our basement (don't worry--they're not hard--that's why we do them LOL)

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