I can't help but be emotional today. Like most Americans that are old enough to remember, 9/11 will forever be a day to reflect on the horrific events that took place when terrorists attacked us without warning.

Fear, sadness, anger...I still have all of those emotions running through me when September 11 comes around. I found a song that may help some of you heal a bit.

As I get older, things that used to be such a big deal and so important now seem so small, and the small things that I took for granted or I overlooked burn as regrets in my mind.

This song "Where've I Been All My Life" by George Strait is not necessarily about the events that took place in New York, Washington or Pennsylvania that day. However, it serves as a reminder to appreciate things that you may take for granted on daily basis. Life can change in an instant. Whether it be as a result of some gutless and heartless act of terror or some other tragic event, on a daily basis we see stories that show proof of how fragile life can be.

Tell those you love just how much you appreciate them. Put regret behind and start to forgive yourself. Learn to appreciate the little things and not worry about things that are out of your control or really mean nothing in the long run. Live for today and observe all the great things that are around you. These are all the things I think we can take away from this song and reflect on today the 12th anniversary of the attacks on our country.

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