The WYRK Toyota Taste of Country is Saturday June 10th at Coca Cola Field. Among the stars you can see is Justin Moore! Field tickets (party zone) are almost sold out and if you need any more encouragement to be at this show, here is a video that may just do the trick.Justin Moore has some incredible song writing ability and talent.What people who see him in person for the first time may realize is that he has one of the purest voices in country music.

Need proof? This video from 2008 features Justin Moore on a folding chair, next to a cooler, in a field! No fancy microphone. No backup vocalist. No electric guitar. It's probably the simplest form of an acoustic performance you can get and Justin hits the notes effortlessly.

The tickets for the field are only $59. For that price, you get Justin Moore, Rascal Flatts, Randy Houser, Michael Ray and Western New York's own, Eric Van Houten. If the field does sell worries. Coca Cola Field offers some of the most comfortable seats with great sight lines and, with the stage and sound equipment that we have, you'll hear the show perfectly from any spot in the park.

Reserved seats in the stands are only $29!!! There are not many (if any) shows that are that affordable and offer so many major stars!

Check out this video featuring Justin Moore and get your tickets soon for the largest one day concert in downtown Buffalo. The WYRK Toyota Taste of Country!!





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