If you own a pick up truck in the Western New York area, there is something that you need to be aware of that is happening as a national trend.

There are a couple of pick up trucks that have top the list of the most stolen vehicles of 2020. According to the hot wheels report Ford pick up trucks were stolen most often last year and a 13% increase over the previous year. The second most stolen is a Chevy full-size pick up truck.

In the Western New York area, there are so many pick up trucks on the road. It could be because of the terrain and the weather we have but it also is in part due to the fact that we have two large auto factories here in western New York. Whether you work for the Ford plant or the GMC/Chevy plant, there is a good chance that you drive a pick up truck to and from work every day. Keep your truck in a well lit area or make sure that the doors are locked when you are not around.

We were having a discussion on Clay and Company this week about which vehicle is the “Western New York vehicle". The one that you see most often on the road when you were traveling around town. For Kadie and Rob, it is the Chevrolet Equinox. I think I see more Jeeps on the road than any other vehicle. Certainly pick up trucks would be the one that I see most often, but if we are talking non-pick up trucks it’s got to be the Jeep.

This list is according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau and it says the top 10 includes multiple pick up trucks.

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