The 2021 Olympic Games have started in Tokyo and among the great athletes that are participating from the Buffalo and Western New York area will be a reporter for the NBC network of stations that originally called Lewiston in Niagara County Home!

Kurt Gregory Smutko was born and raised right here in the 716 and will be reporting for NBC and also Channel 2 News in Buffalo throughout the Olympic Games!

According to, Kurt is also an avid fisherman who started on the waterways around Niagara County.

Grew up fishing freshwater on Lower Niagara River in Western New York and in Northern Ontario for Smallmouth Bass, Walleye and big Northern Pike.

The Olympic games are going to be so exciting however they will look so much different without fans in the stands at the events. Western New York will be well represented in many categories as athletes ranging from tennis to volleyball and pull vaulting will all be part of the United States team. Jessica Pegula, the daughter of Buffalo Bills and sabers owner Terry Pegula may be one of the most recognized names on the roster as she competes in tennis to try to bring home the gold for Western New York and the United States.

It was just announced this week that in 2032 the Olympics will return to Brisbane Australia. It is interesting to think that those with young children maybe four or five or six years old could have athletes competing in that Olympics! It all starts with hard work and hours of training and mom and dad sacrificing hours of driving and waiting at practices.

When you consider what goes into winning a gold medal it is really impressive on many levels. But just to make it to the Olympics and represent your home country is a win and itself.

Western New York should be proud we have so many talented athletes and reporters who will be covering the games this year!

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